Art is the reflection of the creator

Welcome to the world of MASTERPIECEWEB! The official website of MASTERPIECE ART MINISRTY INC! This site is dedicated to "Igniting Creativity & Developing Relationships" and is directed by Sam & Kate Mylin. Currently, Sam & Kate are teachers at the Delaware Art Museum as well as teach ART to homeschoolers and run ARTCLUBS throughout Lancaster PA. Both are working artists developing their work to show sometime in 2003, and are active members of the Lancaster County Art Association. Together, they are a true "MASTERPIECE"!

Masterpiece ART is MORE than meets the eye! We are not the "ordinary" art program, whereas we purpose to "THINK DIFFERENTLY" and effectively show SIMPLICITY IN A COMPLEX WORLD through BIBLICAL ARTISTRY. We believe ART is a discipline, and that IT is a necessary component in our society today. Yet, we also believe that a lot of people take ART way too seriously or they take it not serious enough! We try to inspire people to be ARTWISE! (Click on ARTWISE above to see what ARTWISE is!) As well as to Know the BASICS of ART! Once the BASICS are mastered, a person will see that if they "Control the pencil.... They will control the world!"

Feel free to contact us with any comments and please do sign our guestbook, and leave a message on our messageboard! Please do explore this world of Creativity & Relationship by clicking the buttons on the left, see the whole thing in a "nutshell" by clicking the "nutshell! Masterpiece will amaze you! Thanks for visiting us! And please come back and visit us again real soon! .

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