Info on Art Camp

Welcome to the World of Masterpiece Art Workshop!

The workshop is the area of teaching or where you get educated to the creative process called Masterpiece Art!

Art is simple. But people make it complex! In the workshop we are determined to teach that art is a needed discipline!

Art is more than you can see.

Our lessons are designed to "Ignite Creativity" and "Develop Relationship" through the teaching of Biblically based lessons of art.

Art is a teachable medium that shows we are a reflection of our creator! Once students are excited about creativity... they are then able to develop a desire to build a relationship with creators of art as well as our Creator!

Our goal: Art is a discipline, a gift to be treated with respect for God's glory. The key to the workshop is to teach those who are teachable as well as keep the door open for those who are not. Creativity is a choice. Art has rules... It's vital to follow directions!